Brief Thoughts On Bigotry

Darconix, on the postive aspects of bigotry

Cultivated bigotry is often easily mistaken for something that fashions itself as a sort of ‘social objectivity.’ ‘Let’s not fool ourselves,’ says the cultivated bigot, before he expresses a thought more common among more vulgar types of people—with high style and much pretense as to how he will be begrudgingly heard by his ‘equals.’ But when the more vulgar types express this very same thought, they are dismissed as uneducated and crass. Thus, the bigotry of this latter kind of man is dangerous, but only the way that all unbridled violence is dangerous—easily policed where it is not easily eradicated. Cultivated bigotry is more dangerous if only because it takes longer to articulate and, therefore, appears shrewder and humbler than it is. However, the more vulgar man does us all a great service by finding affinity with the man who displays cultivated bigotry. It is by him that those who don’t so easily form their own opinions recognize a stupid idea despite its having transcended its class, and it is through this revelation that many witness the architecture of their own biases. The so called ‘tolerant man’ resorts to vulgarity concerning classes and races whom he feels superior to as a kind of sweet dessert, long after the pre-prandial business of tolerance and the great feast of patient understanding have failed to reward him as a direct agent of its utility.


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