When Culture Falls Ill - 3

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How easy a vulgar man makes it for me to identify him when he begins his statement by uttering the phrase, ‘Now, I’m not racist, but …’ It is precisely by this phrase and its following thought that this truth is revealed: The bigot considers his racism a luxurious position he can always excuse himself to once he tires of the taxing, stuffy room of impartiality.

Just as a man is afraid that the ghosts who haunt him are not yet aware of their own nonexistence, so The State is confident that its citizens are not aware that its sovereignty is nonexistent.

How untrue it is that ‘Everyone is entitled to their opinion.’ Though the phrase ‘Everyone is entitled to their informed opinion’ does us a step better, it is still a far cry from ‘Everyone is entitled to their safety.’

You say you’re a man of your word? This is easy when so few of your words promise, require or precede action. How quick you are to rob indolence of its greatest vocation! It always fulfills its own promise.


An example of relativity—You tell me not to subscribe to this age because it is unhealthy, but subscribe to the next. And I say to you, ‘And why health?’

Pointing out distinction for its own sake is the vocation of the bigot. Ignoring distinction is the vocation of political liberalism. Celebrating distinction is the vocation of the humanitarian.

The stranger kisses you on the lips to stop you from asking a question.

You tell me that we are equal? I hear you inviting me to plagiarize your virtues with the promise that I will not be sued.

The artist reads the words of his ancestors. The statesman makes houses out of their crypts.

For every stone The State rolls away to liberate its people, it immediately starts measuring that vacancy so it can add to the wall.

There are only two kinds of love—the

The private man must remain so hidden that even his privacy is hidden. He must hide behind his own candidness.

I suspect that most of the people who say that the world is ‘overpopulated’ would have said the same to Eve had they been Adam. 

When does culture fall ill? Precisely when it performs its own diagnosis. 

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