Irritable Bowel Syndrome as a method of worker’s strike.

The ultimate conceit of all Utopias—that that which sustains and keeps it providential must always occur under the same exact circumstances. Could there ever exist a political policy that holds the very experimental, rupturing nature of revolution at the center of its value?

A phone company that texts people the aphorisms of La Rouchefoucault to make up for every social media update.

He learned a new language and moved to a new country in order to keep from excessive use of the word ‘like.’

When the idea of ‘sweat money’ is just as taboo as ‘blood money.’

What if we were allowed to make a game of sense itself?

‘Taking one for the team’ is only appropriate to games. As for parties, suggesting that one ‘take one for the team’ shows just how far their activity has come from the game that it should be.

It is a mistake to say that we do not think enough about or prepare for death. Death will take care of itself. What we need to prepare for are all of those things which inspired our idea of death here in this life—falling out with friends, canceled relationships, ending assignments, the collapse of states, the end of harvest. O how many afterlifes there are!

Lost and destroyed documents—the poverty of culture.

Never do now what can, with good conscience, be put off until death.

To make it a crime to sleep in public during the day—there is no greater tyranny than restlessness.

To have good memories of sadness.

Thinking of a future death to make the present better is a death-threat to one’s self.