Our Least Sophisticated Conversations

If I am not interrupted I will at some point be forced to interrupt myself.

How frivolous it is to forbid someone from arguing! All conversations are arguments.

That anything could ever possibly be closed for debate is debatable.

The happiness of a curious person is an altogether peculiar one. Even in his misery he is happy, for it gives him the stimulating opportunity to solve a problem.

Locate the source of a man’s power and I will show you a thousand things in his background that have been completely overlooked—which is not to say that this is to his detriment.


You tell me a man is different on the inside than he is on the outside. Perhaps he is and perhaps I am too. Unfortunately, my outside has only ever met his outside.

How perfect it is that the flaneur no longer belongs to a privileged ‘idle class,’ but to the unemployed class.

‘Why do you love such an ugly man?’

‘But is ugliness is so perfect!’

It matters little when punctuation was conceived of in written form. Without punctuation, there is no thought.

To read false messages in the delivery of a statement—Is this symptomatic of psychology or is psychology a physician to this symptom?

Could it be that we are more willing to go to war because we believe that arguments make greater casualties of our beloved ideals than battles do lives?

War would only ever be costlier than it already is if human life were much harder to achieve and if the average life-span was much lower.  

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