Bless the Man Who Dies Alone

The philosopher who also writes novels is dangerous to himself and to others in that he always knows how to talk his compositional errors into virtues.

The second generation of writers to employ interior monologue was more justified in using it than the first. Without that example given to them by the first, they wouldn’t have known how people thought.

The well-read man is freed from the heavy burden of original ideas.

His diary entrees are divided into parts and acts, written in rhyme and meter—the guilty-pleasure of the avant-gardist.

One can measure what the university deems a ‘classic work’ by just what addictions the professors indulged in during the previous five semesters.

— him.

There is nothing more shameful than a private man forced to explain why he is so private, and yet, it is the very last thing about which it is possible for him to remain private.

A woman enticed men by telling them that she was naked underneath her clothing.

Marginality is all that wealth can afford.

He read a book of aphorisms and checked the cover to see if his name was on it.

Create borders to prevent the spreading of plagues, you say? No. Create borders to blame others for the spreading of plagues.

His mind was as weak as his immune system. He was always coming down with ideas.

The Reformation was a hole in the middle of a Renaissance donut.

He spoke in third person because he did not believe in me.

‘To set foot in every country.’—Desire of the dreamer.

‘To never set foot in another country.’—The dreamer’s proposition for the military of every country.

A hope for the future—That the borders of countries would become as arbitrary as the borders of continents are nonexistent.

The Godlike nature of children—they kill all of their toy dinosaurs off by the end of their play session.

An American comedian is someone who interviews people who perform stand-up comedy.

A critique of sincerity—I would not ask of a piece of art what I could not rightly ask of a diary entree.