To have good memories of sadness. 

Thinking of a future death to make the present better is a death-threat to one’s self.

All thought experiments and systems acting as anecdotes to nihilism have done little beyond forming exegesis made of composite ideas replacing any Absolute, which puts reality back on an altered version of everything that is already in place. It is not a renaming of values but a same naming. An arrival to the same position but facing a different direction.

Our current oscillation from secular philosophy to post secular philosophy may be attributed to the quick frequency in which information is today distributed. What took millennia now takes decades. 

While Bataille’s philosophy of headlessness can be approximated to statelessness, there is something far more nuanced in the former. When sovereignty is severed like the top of a head and located transiently, manifesting in a variety of social exchanges, it disrupts possible repudiations of power itself, which sometimes accompany anti-statism and anarchism. The state is revealed to be only the face of a process in which abuses of power occur in smaller formulas.