A prodigy is one who seems to have started learning before he was born.

The ultimate misfortune of a novelist’s work: that a review of it by a writer a reader rather admires is the most enjoyment that anyone will get out of it.

Taking time to grow on you or old before it even began?

When the things which characterize either ‘the left’ or ‘the right’ come to embody only what you yourself despise.

An artist with a multitude of constraints applied to the vision of his final work has few constraints where his actual method of arriving there is concerned.

A study of ‘The Great American Novel’ as a history of sophomore efforts.

That ‘consciousness reveals itself as a language’ is only a clever inversion of ‘language reveals consciousness’ insofar as we can agree that they are to be separated on a causal chain. Some have been tempted to do away with one or the other and replace it with ‘muscle movement.’ To whom do we leave it to say which of the two should be replaced?

There are clever racists who drop biology from their attack in favor of an interpretation of race as ‘cultural inheritance’ in order to make their case, who then pick biology back up in order to criticize those who disagree with them for being ‘politically correct.’

A political ideology obsessed by self-identifying with scapegoats as a means of justifying their position are, inevitably, in danger of elimination at the hands of those who still find scapegoats a necessary feature when forming an identity.

Provincial literature as guilt of western homogenization.

Cultivating a sense of personal style is no different than the composition of a poem with many disparate constraints.

Only one who is capable of letting his anger cool can allow himself the luxury of vengeance, thus converting it into a true act of character.

Religion is a doormat for the ‘leading intellectuals’ of culture incapable of seeking worthy opponents.

One might think that because western religions and secular political parties alike have similar emancipatory projects—and thus, similar theologies—they would both be disqualified from criticizing one another for epistemological reasons. At least Christianity has the decency to believe that Satan is responsible for the other party’s evil.

Anarchy is only feared where it is seen as being comprised of the empire’s exiles.

To criticize those who take a tragic view of history as imposing human conditions onto organic processes is like asking a civilized woman to give up her child to a feral existence among wolves.

A criminal sentence determined by the amount of time it takes the criminal to swim back to shore, having been dropped at a great distance into the ocean.

The reading habits of a university student prohibited from telling his fellows what books he is reading in his spare time.

That I look worse in a photograph than I do in the mirror—A critique of technology or the reflection?

On his worst day, he reserves for himself his greatest pleasures as a means of coping—A utilitarian’s Buddhism.

‘I can tell the difference between prose written on laptop and prose written by hand,’ says one.

‘I can tell the difference between prose written by a timid hand and a steady hand,’ says another.

And yet another still says, ‘I can tell the difference between a piece of writing by a writer and that by a writer being written.’

A misanthropist is someone who needs an excuse to hate women as much as he hates men.

Misanthropy is only the result of one’s inability to say ‘no.’