What's Left?

In his 1927 “The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism,” Mussolini clearly states “this will be a century of authority, a century of the Left, a century of Fascism,” which came from Jane Soames’ 1933 authorized English translation.  Source

It's not simply a pajorative to assign Fascism a place on the Left. It is, simply, historically honest.

Interpretations of Nihilism: Destructive vs. Active

'Nihilism' is an often stigmatized word in our culture.

But there is the argument that nihilism, functionally, can act as a dialectical tool to level incoherent precepts about the nature of reality down to constituent parts. Of course, people can take this too far to where even the constituent parts are done away with altogether, which leads one ultimately to the position that one can act as though no negative consequences to one's actions matter.


One could think of detachment, in the far eastern sense, as being a different configuration of the commandment, 'Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.' Only the 'Me,' in this case, could be considered the ground of being, which is the metaphysical principle behind the more hypostasisized, anthropomorphized concept we often call 'God' here in the west. 

The Weed Is Always Worth It

“During the winter, I had to dig holes that measured one metre [three feet] wide and one metre [three feet] deep. The ground was frozen. The mud was so hard that it took two days to dig one hole. It was incredibly challenging. My upper body was sweating; My fingers and toes were frostbitten. I also worked inside a coal storage facility, breaking apart coal,” he said.

He also described his “overwhelming loneliness” and eating “2,757 meals in isolation by myself. It was difficult to see when and how the entire ordeal would end.”

“In the spring and summer, I worked outside, eight hours a day, in the scorching sun.”

Lim said “he prayed without ceasing” during the ordeal and when not being worked to death he read books on North Korea and re-read the Bible in English and Korean five times. Source

Scale was never the Libertarian Party's forté.


Cities have always been gene-shredders, only made possible by the abundant fecundity of the countryside.