War Is Not About Making People Feel Accepted

War is about killing people. So is national defense. If someone steps into your territory and they weren't invited, they get killed. Unfortunately, our military performs duties that take them into other territories. It's wholly unreasonable that the military would not prioritize enlisting an x amount of trannies. 

Emotionalist-Consequentialism: Thoughts On Thaddeus Russell vs. Joe Rogan

In Episode 952 of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan talked to historian Thaddeus Russell. The conversation took a puzzling turn when the subjects of gender and race came up. Thaddeus Russell went into an unfocused, sentiment-driven moral evaluation of gender distinctions which directly mirrors the  common social science discourse of major universities--despite the fact that Russell made pains, throughout the course of the conversation, to distinguish himself as a renegade who was not welcome in the tenured world of academia on account of his unpopular ideas. His claim, ultimately, is that gender and race are not biological distinctions but social constructs.

  Now, it never seizes to amaze me just how many people seem to think that, because something is a social construct, it then follows that the construct should not only be torn down, but that no category is in fact the best category, and that any claims to the contrary are siren songs for the coming of a 21st century holocaust.

    The professor's view of Portland Oregon plummeted into the realm of comedy. The professor said that diversity is a big problem in Portland, in that they hardly have any Mexicans or black people. The inaccuracy of this statement was only augmented by the professor's contention that in the main part of town, you only see white people. Does this statement even communicate anything aside from the fact that the area where the white professor is inclined to go happens to be the white part of town? Even if I were to coddle his naivety and grant that the main part of town was somehow designed specifically for white people, what would be his solution? Professor Renegade, like most preachers of diversity, expects diversity to fall into his lap. Perhaps the professor should have enlightened us as to how people in a city should be herded? Plenty of people seem to want metropolitan sheep dogs; they themselves just don't want to be the ones to nip heels.

Other People by Martin Amis

Other People by Martin Amis


Other People represents a stage in Martin Amis’s early career when he jazzed around with short, stylish novels. Amis’s jazzing around, however, has never been made up of average sessions.

If books could be equated to children, Amis’s first two, The Rachel Papers and Dead Babies, seemed to come out of the womb fully grown.

Other People is Amis at his most puzzle-like with structure. The book opens with a girl being told that she’s on her own now and to take care. She doesn’t remember anything before that. She names herself Mary in order to say something when people ask her who she is.