I consider it a losing strategy to sit around and wait for the Big Event to come and wipe the structure of society out before we start implementing those ideas we think would otherwise work. If one holds the opinion that a certain type of infrastructure or way of doing things would get cock-blocked by the current system, one should brain-storm, strategize, try to discover or see if there's a way to start meming the idea into existence.

The eight hour work day is not ideal, if you want a life. I've written in the past on semi-contractual work which is incentivized as much by money as by time. I don't have holes in the idea worked out, but it's basically the idea that people would choose tasks based on both pay and the time it takes to complete them.

People who want to go home to their families might pick harder, higher paying jobs but which only take a couple hours to complete.

Another group of people might earn that same pay by working some mundane job all day, but at which they can futz around, bullshit with friends, play on their phones and take breaks as they please.

Then there would be all gradations in between. Call me a communist. Call me a libertarian. It doesn't matter. No one wants to work as much as we do now. If you do, I can guarantee you, there's plenty people will want done. Someone's gonna give you something for it. Is that a free market or is it decentralized socialism? Who cares.

I would not recommend activism to get to this point, however, nor revolution. Perhaps some kind of insurrection against boredom, but low key, like bosses constantly letting their employees just relax for five hours if they can get everything done in three, but staying on the clock once it's done. Everyone would have to be in on it, though - which means you'd more than likely have a crazy boss who was willing to risk losing his job and destroying his resume.

The kinks aren't worked out. I'll be continuing to speculate on this. I welcome anyone else's opinion. I'd like to get this implemented by the end of the work week.