The Burning Block Vol No. 9

My most favorite conspiracy concerning Trump is that he was meant to polarize democracy to such a degree that people would become completely disaffected with politics and would a) not pay much attention anymore and b) basically drift toward any middle ground by virtue of its position in relation to their own reasons for voting him in/wanting the other person in. In other words, a walking Hegelian dialectic.

It worked, if that's the case. People are tired of politics, as though it's just a bad season of The Walking Dead (the last seven seasons?). People are adrift, confused that it's all business as usual and yet, weary that there's something quite unexplainably different about this particular point in time, as though time itself is broken, even in its sameness.

Even writing this feels like an exhausted venture on a subject which was exhausted sometime in 2017. Fighting for something relevant to say about something people are tired of having to be the ones to hear and say.

Here I am current-yearing myself.