The Burning Block Vol II No. 9

Prediction concerning political cultures and subcultures:

Liberal centrism will go through its own brand of alternative. I’m not even talking about the Alt-Center, but perhaps, something which would come after it - something much more diluted and culturally palatable, to the point where comedians would be easy in approximation to it, as it would allow them to be edgy in their own right without compromising their pseudo-egalitarian views. I’m thinking of the weird mix of misanthropic hippy monism of someone like Bill Hicks meets some ultra Green (at least in sentiment) Nader-esque Direct D militancy.

We already have this, you say? Perhaps. But it’s not really cool now, is it? Also, what we have now which might resemble this is far too frenzied and monomaniacal in its approach to Climate Change. Rather, I see this newer movement stylizing their ecological fear - taking a cue from Ted Kacsynski for a much fuller, sexier apocalypse in the face of which they will not cry and rave at the sky, but rather, justify their hedonism. But this hedonism itself has within it the seed of its own redemption - a libertarian strain of optimism concerning the legalization/open marketability/availability of psilocybin, MDMA and DMT, as they believe it will cause the whole world to be enlightened and fall into line.

Or perhaps I just spoke this subculture into existence - the last subculture that actually believed it had a chance of meme-ing a third party candidate into office before the entire system fell apart/remained the same until people stopped noticing it.

I shall not give it a name, for names name it not (as is the case with most things).


Timid as ever about the presence of untitled or simply dated public entries of this kind, I have resolved to give myself an allowance in their favor, justifying it, in part, by their potential to be misread and, thus, overlooked - all counted as nothing more than mad ramblings into the void of an over-saturated work whose most defining features will most certainly go by some titles which would totally eclipse anything to be distinguished from the Diary.


I’m trying to figure out if Bill Hicks was ever funny or if he was just always sort of interesting and feel-good (half the time).

Bill Hicks on spirituality: Advaita Vedanta + Timothy Leary + Misanthropy

Bill Hicks on Politics: Noam Chomsky - (minus) economics (save in the form of punk-rock style anti-consumerism) + hatred of rednecks + sympathy for David Koresh.

Bill Hicks on Everything else: Anti-piety (nonsmokers), anti-alcohol (hedonist alcoholism), pro-aliens and pro-abortion.

Basically, like all my friends in Portland.