Cake On a Napkin


In the workplace, cake on a napkin is the implication that comfort should not be wholly comfortable, nor should it be entirely without that necessary bit of unceremoniousity which leisure requires before it too quickly resembles work.

Any bit of effort employed in the service of leisure, especially when occurring either off the clock or in a blocked out fragment that would otherwise be spent working, is a reminder that there is always work to be done, even if it is only as simple as cleaning a plate in the sink when one is finished eating. Leisure is a game of significations in which polite reciprocation allows brief moments of anxious engagement with the very lack of work traced by the anticipation of the moment it picks up again. Cake on a napkin is the ostentatious sign of the gift of time in none too certain terms, but whose security is gaurunteed by a semi-formal unity of ceremony to be determined by the subservient agent.