Passages #5

 Slovaj Zizek on 'divine violence.'

 '...the way [bourgeois liberals] try to amend it is through a direct "terrorist" imposition of more and more de facto equality (equal salaries, equal health service...), which can only be imposed through new forms of formal inequality (different sorts of preferential treatments of the under-privileged). In short, the axiom of "equality" means either not enough (it remains the abstract form of actual inequality) or too much (enforce "terrorist" equality) - it is a formalist notion in a strict dialectical sense, i.e., its limitation is precisely that its form is not concrete enough, but a mere neutral container of some content that eludes this form.'

Zizek teases out some interesting psychological implications of socialism that he, as a socialist, is nevertheless not afraid to confront head on. The Reign of Terror is something most liberals, especially of my generation, would rather forget.