How It's Coming #1

I've been at work on a magazine over the past year. It's going slow but I've had a lot going on. My hope is to get it out before the end of the year or before my birthday (wanted to launch it while I was still 30, for no particular reason).

The magazine is called The Burning Block. It's dedicated to political satire, philosophy and literature. It doesn't necessarily espouse any one view, but explores different ideas by playing different modes of expression off of one another. I'll let everyone know when the digital launch date is so they can pre-order. It will also be available as a printed zine later on, and will more than likely be released after the digital copy. I'm not sure how much longer the print version will take as of yet, as my resources are limited.

The print layout will be different from the digital layout, but the content will be the same. I'll be providing more updates soon and look forward to everyone reading it.