Don't Worry Kids, It's Not Satanism, It's Just Bad Art


With the recently leaked Podesta emails on one side and the impending fulfillment of a promise from Anonymous that information incriminating the Clintons will be leaked later today on the other,  the world hangs in a state of suspension the likes of which it's never experienced.

In immediate defense of the Clintons, the Podestas and Maria Abramović, the mainstream media has been quick to deny the very details which originally brought this whole thing to light to begin with.

Suppose spirit cooking is nothing more than 'performance art.' Is anyone surprised that pedophiles like the Clintons or anyone in their circle would like bad art?

The point is not to split hairs as to whether or not what goes on behind the elite's closed doors is a 'satanic ritual' or a 'pagan ritual' or 'art.' The point is, the stuff that you get up to on the weekend defines you. It shouldn't shock anyone that people who refer to pre-pubescent children as 'entertainment' in a private email would also enjoy eating or watching others eat cake which looks like human flesh, or that they would get pleasure out of watching a spectacle involving sperm, blood and breast milk (where's all this sperm and breast milk coming from and where the hell are all the animal rights activists who would, under normal circumstances, be outraged at such a use of pigs blood?) Is anyone surprised that people with that much power would rely on hoaky devil images and sex with minors to turn them on? Never mind that Abramović says that the 'spirit cooking' was a normal dinner with a funny Thelema name; it might have been, for all we know, but that misses the point.

As a matter of fact, the only coverage we're getting is from the Huffington Post (which will go down in history as the least serious post with the most prestige) dismissing it as a 'Right-wing hoax' whilst ignoring the sex trafficking scandal, and further interviews with Abramović distracting people with the biggest performance art of all: mainstream media. Hilary's supporters are resorting to the worn out strategy of deactivating the value of every verifiable piece of information by simply referring to it as Right-wing. Since when have Julian Assange or Anonymous ever been considered Right-Wing and why should it matter? Despite evidence, I'm afraid the dialectical war for authority will wage on yet longer with ever new layers of denial and sentiment counter-acting the bizarreness of the circumstances.

There comes a point when it simply doesn't matter what you call it.

It's long been my contention that pedophilia represents the extreme limit of moral relativism. Violation is the absolute peak of what you can say about right and wrong. On this point, it doesn't matter what your spiritual, political, onto-theological or lack thereof views are. We are quickly accelerating to a point where the line will be drawn between those who believe in the non-coercive, reciprocal nature of social interaction, and those who, for whatever reason (as the reasons are and have been numerous throughout history) don't.

Is it the Antichrist? Is it Kali Yuga? Is it simply a corrupt system? Same thing.

On all fronts, we're approaching point-zero of how these circumstances can be interpreted. The biggest kingdoms in history have always advocated this sort of bizarre worship of power and death.

The leaks will continue.

I suggest everyone grab a fiddle and start playing while it all falls down.