The Expected Cliche Endures

Social media is blowing up with people looking for the next scapegoat. Of course it's not trump fans who put him in office. It must be the people who didn't vote.

This is a logical fallacy.

People who voted for a third party representative don't have an inbuilt predisposition to automatically vote for the major party representative who lost.  Nor do people who didn't vote necessarily know deep down in their obstinate, grumpy hearts that Clinton was the best choice. She wasn't.

It is true that a third party representative was probably better fit for the job, or at least, wouldn't get us killed or alienate anyone by gender or race. It is even truer that when it's a numbers game, quality is always sacrificed in favor of quantity and then projected onto whoever is most popular, since people only ever accept the media shills that are the two main parties.

You can interpret the sorrow of Clinton fans over the past fourteen hours in one of two ways: 1. Deep down, no one believes in democracy (to their credit). 2 They are so committed to it that they don't see its internal mechanism of division.

No magic happened at the last minute to make Trump win. The people who voted for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson were not an unexpected cog in the wheel of an otherwise potential victory.

Your level of upset is natural. It means you are a healthy individual who knows that your values are far more important than a numbers game.

What is not healthy, however, is projecting it onto the wrong people. There is no one to 'blame' but the legal process itself.