Willamette Weekly, a few weeks back, put out an article about the Portland riots, which it attributed to anarchists. The letters to the editor were comprised of tired charges of fascism and bourgeois-ism against the state and against business owners. There were highly stylized photographs of angry people pouting with their arms folded or their hands clasped or with scouling faces. There was talk of 'traiters against the revolution,' because why make coherent arguments against the state when you can recycle old communist rhetoric from college textbooks?

Portland's idea of revolution is a potlatch of wasted time. They'll destroy property, break shop windows and graffiti walls but I can guarantee none of them will perform a coupe de tat. Most of their rhetoric implies that they are, at once, against all rulers though Trump seems to be the last straw.

In other words, they'll enjoy the benefits of the capitalist system that they disparage until someone bruises their delicate sensibilities. Then they'll smash up the property of the people who gave Trump the lowest approval rating.

If ever there is martial law, you can thank the state as much as these simian half-revolutionary idiots.