Progress and Degeneration

Progress and Degeneration are always happening simultaneously. Even considering each as part of a cycle is an error. Each only speaks for the degree to which people are willing to invest themselves in either direction. Degeneration only afflicts us when we're unable to let progress go. To be against the modern world is a modern phenomenon; precisely a feature of the modern world. Today people want the synthetic return of a culture that never was. They pine for and dream up an imaginary past that suits their vision of the future. The idea is to create a scapegoat. It is easier to name some enemy who must be eliminated than it is to seduce people with a particular vision of the future. There are only small, contingent obstacles, the elimination of which make people feel more dependent on the eliminators. There is also a sense of peace of which the eliminators are felt to be the arbiters. The quality of a culture is going to be considered 'good' or 'bad' only in relation to the 'good' or 'bad' of another culture. Those who preach of the west's 'quality' have been seduced almost completely by the democratic investment of quantity within quality. They will only consider quality to have prevailed when it exists in large quantities.