Magnum Opus

There is only so much knowledge that a man can take with him to the grave. There will come a time when every man searching for knowledge must discover this truth for himself—that most of the books he reads will be repeating things he has either already read or articulating things he has already thought and observed many times in his solitude. Some men will be satisfied enough to take solace in those books which agree with those ideas they came to on their own. But a man actually wishing to learn, not one who wishes to collect a great deal of erudition or appear learned, but a man who actually wishes tolearn, will have to understand means of learning. He will have to figure out what his project is, first of all, and then how to search for its necessary materials. He must be a great intuiter of men’s minds, a great untangler of precepts and must constantly cultivate a clear-headed way of taking in even the most abstract concepts, all so he can retrieve it and figure out where to place it in the bigger scheme of his life. Only by doing this will it be possible to take any project further.