Why Criticize Democracy

I criticize democracy because it is being and has been globalized. No one method works for everyone for all time. Am I hopping onto an anti-globalist bandwagon? No, a lot of people have been saying this for years. Countries are finally coming around to it now that the stakes are so high.

My criticism is that democracy, in particular, is false freedom.

People are quick to say that being against democracy is a prime feature of fascism. They're wrong. Fascism is the final conclusion of democracy. In fascism, the crowd was stirred and moved to support the regime, and to endorse every systematic exploitation or act of violence toward whatever scapegoat was convenient. It was even encouraged within the Nazi party to fight and climb all over the top of one another to impress Hitler with ever new laws and plans of action, independent of what the people wanted or were paying attention to. That's similar to now in America: laws change constantly. Under fascism, as long as the people were on board, it was assumed that everything would go smoothly for them. The last thing you want to be in a democracy is a minority. You might as well be a traitor to the vision and the greater harmony of your society. In America, you might not get sent to a death camp for being in the minority (not yet anyway), but you'll be shamed, fired and now sought out and watched.

Ethical democracy is walking into a situation with a specific set of limited outcomes, agreeing ahead of time that a democratic system is how it's going to work for that specific set. But even then, one needs to know all the people and have an understanding of how the options one is voting for are coming into play. If you're in a small group and they decide they're going to surcharge all of the brown people and you're in a brown person minority, you're not going to consider that fair, nor would you trust the option as it's been presented. Democracy only works when there's nothing to lose and the stakes are low.

You might choose to vote in an election cycle for the 'lesser of two evils' and that's your prerogative. But eventually, you'll reach a point when the stakes are so high that you'll realize just how insufficient democracy is for managing large groups of people. The more people there are involved, the harder it is to question the trajectory of options given to you from above.

There are other ways of making decisions, which are invested, negotiable and personal to who you are as a person. When someone else decides your fate, you don't have to just shrug. Leadership can be localized, and personalized, because life changes, but you shouldn't have to change your values just because there are more people with different values.