Why We Have an Electoral College

If we didn't have an Electoral College, people in California and New York would pick who ran our country. This is why people in California (celebrities of all kinds with money and influence) are fighting so hard to get rid of the Electoral College. They don't care about anyone else's values.

Peaceful secession would be more realistic than the atrocity of a majority vote. We can deal with a majority compressed to small parts of the country not being happy with the outcome of the election; why should they be happy?

What we can't accept is one group of people in one area wanting to decide how everyone else lives. It's an issue of quality, not quantity. The issue is far bigger than any candidate or what anyone thinks of them. It is about being able to make decisions in the most efficient way possible. You don't have to like it, but at least understand it. Do the research and fight for what is fair for people on a local level. Fighting for a majority vote is the wrong revolution, whether you wanted Hillary Clinton to win or not. What we need is decisions to be made in the most personal, cooperative way possible.