Exit at Any Expense

In the wake of Brexit, there is talk of many other countries following suit. Even Trump said his presidency would be 'like Brexit times 100.' Since he won, many of the very liberals who called Brexitists 'racist' are wanting to secede from the union, which would fulfill his prophecy, though probably not in the way he intended.

Secession should be encouraged as a natural political process. Today, there is no longer any unexplored country to conquer. There is no more land of uninhabited freedom one can move to. Rather, one has to create that land.

Yes, it might be rocky. Yes there may be civil war. But who knows? It could go smoothly.

We secede from parties we don't like, neighborhoods, jobs and churches we don't like, so why should it be any different with polities?

Cultures will have to find the courage to exit at all costs, and to always be ready when compromise doesn't work. The lie that democrats sell (small case d, meaning, people who believe in democracy if not the democratic party themselves) is that if we are not living the same way, we are divided. It's not true. We can be united even in our difference by mutual respect, by a willingness to come to each community and into each home on its own terms. There is nothing perfect about this vision of a decentralized society, but it's better than perfect. It's organic. It leaves room for growth, experimentation and mistakes. Perfection is a lie of globalism, which says what people want to hear and then does what it damned well pleases, trusting that no one will question its chess moves.

Just as you should feel free to leave the house when things go south, feel free to leave your polity and take you and yours with you. Build a better place. Build a better future.