Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But...Cyber Attacks?

Let's see it for what it is: if Obama's administration had anything on the Russian hackers, they would have done something already without telling anyone. That's their judicial mode of operation. Why in this case is Obama making such a point about taking action, as Hillary had done during her campaign, without actually doing anything about it besides?

Because they've been embarrassed and are trying as hard as they can to scare people. Maybe Russians did in fact hack the US government's system. So what? The US has all its work ahead of them to prove that it was done by the Russian government itself.

Hillary and Obama's promises to take action for the past several months is all blind, chest-beating posturing.

Even if it was proved to have been the Russian government, the Democratic Party's response says more about what they think of the American people than it does about our relationship with Russia. All their talk of the Russians leaking information that 'influenced the election' is beyond condescending and dehumanizing, as it suggests that information about the way our leaders lead should have nothing to do with our voting for them.

People have been quick to come to Russia's defense in all of this, but I think one important thing to remember is that even if it was Russia, no one should ever take the Democratic Party seriously ever again. Their is-vs-ought confusion when defending themselves is beyond reprehensible and has no justification whatsoever in a civil, rational society. You can argue that information theft is unfair, but the method of its manifestation in no way disqualifies the information itself (unless you still buy the untenable fable that the Russian's fabricated all of it). This is what ideology does to people. It gives them weak, emotion-based arguments which are intellectually insulting.

From now on, the Democratic Party should be treated like the Sith after the explosion of the death star. We should chase them away to the far reaches of the galaxy.

If Trump turns out to be the First Order as the left thinks he will, then I'm sure he'll be dealt with next, but we cannot abide such stupidity in the meantime.