I plan to develop a reading of Traditionalism through writers that the movement is not normally associated with, in particular, Roberto Calasso, Rene Girard and Georges Bataille. I think there's a case to be made that these thinkers represent ideas which are similar in nature to Evola and Guenon, but 'from the left,' as it were.

I'm ever on the search for interviews with James Joyce I always see references to but never find, if anyone knows anything. I don't knew Russian and am also trying to find translations of a Dostoyevsky interview, if it even exists.

Does anyone know what Matt Holt is up to? Nothingface is underrated in my opinion, and probably came out at the wrong time. I will not so much as mention the names of those more successful but nowhere near as good bands that their members went on to join. Matt I mention specifically because I feel like he never got the credit he deserved as a vocalist and lyricist.

By the time this posts, it will have melted, but it's been snowy and icy, here in Oregon. Appropriate weather to listen to Eucharist.

I'm currently changing the layout of the website, slowly - touching things up and making it easier.