Personal Leadership

Our politicians are not people we know. They're not from down the block, they don't go to your church or go to the same library. They don't know your mechanic. You will never be able to call them on the telephone unless you have a lot of money or are somehow initiated into that world. You'll not run into them at Baskin Robbins and you will not catch them at a bar getting loose lipped after a few shots of Jack.

You'll have these encounters with a boss, a teacher or professor, a pastor, a mailman or your doctor, but you will never have them with your politicians. If your boss or your pastor said that your workplace or congregation were going to war with another one, you'd leave, unless of course you really believed in that war.

Our politicians are media shills. Democracy is suited for media platforms. Once the laws are decided, you'll never be able to walk into the office and renegotiate the way you'd be able to walk into your boss's office and renegotiate your work schedule so you and your wife can get the extra day of vacation you'd planned for. Every so often, people you've never met and will likely never meet change the laws, automatically deduct money from your paychecks or ask for money at the end of the year, and wage war with people you'll never learn the names of.

Our politicians are celebrities with societal tenure.

If you're to have leadership, wouldn't you rather have leaders you knew? Wouldn't you rather know where they live and be able to have dinner with them to see what they're about? Would you rather vote on the things that mean the most to you in the entire world or would you rather discuss it with someone who can mediate and help you achieve your goals in a way that doesn't hinder or which could possibly help other people? And if you had a mediator, wouldn't you rather it be someone whose mediation you could cancel with a few minor adjustments? Perhaps you yourself are capable of mediation. Perhaps you see how things or people work and are willing to put the work in to do it best.

Perhaps you are someone people follow through sheer charisma. Perhaps there are people who you, in turn, look up to and who have a gift for leadership.

It is possible to know leaders, to have them directly accountable to you, and to have the safety of a community that is both personal with your needs and respectful of your privacy. We're a long way off from seeing this happen, but the west is seeing the very beginning of something like this potentially take place. It will require smaller communities. It will require patience and courage, because it will be very different. However this could happen in your lifetime.