Esotericism and Singularity - Invisible Totems of the Modern World

It is with terrible haste and concision that culture, with the help of the internet, has been able to reach singularity concerning those anthropomorphic centers of hermeticism. If it once took an initiate or mere investigator many years to gather unto himself all the texts required to study the mysteries of his preferred field, one can now spend an evening steeping oneself in ancient lore and secret histories. Over-exposure of information offers the illusion that all of it is cohesive when all of it, in fact, merely exists in and of itself. Revelation becomes an addiction. The symbolism folds in on itself, flowering forth ever new meanings as myriad as the events themselves a thousand fold. As those who endorse a cybernetic singularity or spiritual singularity dream of a unifying act to end history, the esoteric singularity of conspiracy theory dreams of a final meaning to history, a final revelation in the form of an unknown event, pushed ever outward into the void of reason. It is supposed that only after this revelation could true history begin.