Changing Pace for 2017

It is my goal to provide worthwhile content on this blog and to maintain continuity. I've tried different directions: In the beginning, I wanted to update the blog once a week. In recent months, I've been challenging myself to post everyday and sometimes several times a day. While it's been fun and I've so far been able to, I'm not sure I will be able to maintain this pace in the future.

I plan to communicate, via this blog, any definit hiatuses in the future. If this happens, I will more than likely provide a return date for posts to begin again. If not hiatuses, I will try to notify readers of any change in scheduling, for instance, if I decide to post weekly instead of daily.

I will, for the time being, be posting content for the sake of continuity, but it will probably not be heavy on actual writing, save promotional pieces for The Burning Block.

The reason for this is that life is getting busier and I'm not a full time writer. I have to get it in where I can. I would rather post less frequently or post shorter content than post anything of low quality just for the sake of doing it. This will help me with my other projects and it will help with the tiddiness of this website.

I plan to be as communicative as possible through all this. Thank you.