Introduction to Emergent Hermit's Blog

Thank you for taking the time to read this first blog post from Emergent Hermit. The purpose of this blog will not only be to update readers about publications released by Emergent Hermit and upcoming events, but to also offer tips and encouragement to artists from all walks of life. Having spent years on creative projects myself, I have no particular formulas for success as I am still learning too, nor do I necessarily have any how-tos or rules to offer. However, I do have a few ideas, possible suggestions and thought experiments to entertain which I feel might help loosen your creativity. I have long been interested in the creative process in general and would like to discuss it consistently, for as technology changes, as the various businesses surrounding art evolve, it can be an arduous task to try and maintain artistic integrity while producing work and marketing oneself.

My intention is that the tone of this blog will not be too businessy or focused on financial results, not that these topics are reprehensible in some way, but because I would like, rather, to focus on those aspects of one's work that best lead to one's personal fulfillment with it in and of itself, and also fulfillment in the midst of the actual process, which can be the most daunting part.

This blog is also a place where current events will be disscussed, regardless of whether or not they address creativity. 

We hope you follow us in order to enjoy, find encouragement, or contribute your ideas. Feel free to comment. Please be respectful of other people. I'm a firm believer in freedom of speech, but my favorite free speech is that which advances the conversation forward. If you go in destructive circles, you might not get your comments deleted, but I can't promise anyone will engage with or answer you. 

We hope you join us for the ride!

Shane Eide