We live in an age rampant with destructive criticism. Some people call this 'trolling.' Whatever you want to call it, it seems that more and more, as time goes on, people are training themselves to handle it badly. Forums, once a constructive communal idea, are now tornadoes of venom and vituperation. A simple, passive, unaggressive comment might be met with responses ranging from death wishes to all out character-assaults. These responses scare us because they seem well thought out. 

That's because they are. That is what people online are devoting their energy to. Total, arbitrary character destruction.  

I wish I could come up with an armchair pop-psychological conclusion, like their parents didn't hug them or that they don't like their jobs, but that would only be a tactic to make myself feel propitiated as a victim. It also doesn't matter and doesn't do anything. It doesn't change them and doesn't help me, aside from stroking my ego. 

It is as useless to campaign against trolls as it is to campaign against bullying and toasted bread. As long as there are toasters, people will toast their bread. As long as there are people, other people will get bullied.

Bullies don't care if you out them as bullies. If you play the victim, they just laugh.

The same people who troll are the same types of people who have always trolled and they'll never ever go away, I absolutely promise you that. To be anti-troll and anti-bully is as pointless as being anti-pain or anti-sweat. You're going to get them no matter how much you hate them. 

What you need is to become invulnerable to destructive forces in your life. We live in a time when it's incredibly easy to react but reacting is less satisfying than it's ever been. It does nothing for us and does wonders for markets which keep tabs on societal trends and monetize the shrillest demands and the loudest voices. 

Do whatever it takes to become bigger than your anger. I'm not saying to bless them or send them kitten videos. I'm saying turn your anger into something constructive. And whatever you do, do not react on THEIR terms. React only on your own terms. But 9 times out of 10, saying nothing at all is the most pragmatic option. 

Become gigantic in the worth of what you have to say. Remain quiet, in movement and in your mind. Anger lasts for a moment. It can make you fall or it can give you an incredible deal of excess energy. When you choose the latter, it will propel itself long after the emotion which incited it dissipates.  

Suppress nothing. Use everything. Feel what you feel and make a decision. Go forward without regret and never play the victim card. You'll discover very quickly that most problems are illusions of the ego.