Politics In Art

It's hard not to put politics in art. One could say this is the case especially today, but it's always been that way. 

The question is, what is its place in art and does it have a role? I've experienced many pieces of art which seemed to have only the thinnest film separating the viewer from the underlying political message. This is merely propoganda.  

Does that mean one rules politics out completely? Politics is something we are always engaged with in our lives every single day, even if we're not thinking about it. It's going to come out in what we do. The question is, do we want it to drive us or do we want to drive it?

Politics are merely an extension of a value system. Most people only see themselves as political insofar as they follow the tenents of a particular party line. Politics change when value systems change. This is why art that goes out of its way to make a political statement usually doesn't date well.  

If you want to create a piece of art that's going to get people excited and stir lots of controversy, you'll probably focus on a political message. There's nothing wrong with this in itself. you'll get your likes on Facebook and Instagram, but you'll be quickly forgotten.  

Spend some time thinking about the values which drive politics. Create something out of that. Values die harder. Art can be your laboratory to test certain ideas. Dostoyevsky did this. Shakespeare did this. Many artists have a political dimension to their work which simply adds coloring to what is, otherwise, a rich, three dimensional work.  

Create art that explores and which can't be pinned down or hijacked by a particular political narrative.