Candidate-isms #1

A recent @HillaryClinton Tweet 

Clinton's definition of honor is similar to cutting off a man's hands and offering him a cookie.  

American honor in particular, for Clinton, was best indicated by the fact that Bin Laden's killers made sure terrorists' families were safe. 

This is the least radical definition of honor I have heard in a while: That people who didn't commit the crimes their family members committed shouldn't be held responsible for said crimes.  

At least she has a basic standard to aspire to.  


A recent @realDonaldTrump Tweet

Donald Trump will only work for YOU. Does this mean he'll back out of the race if all of us require him to fill out a job application? Perhaps this is a method of voting I could get behind. But all kidding aside, seeing how Obama has been laid off, we can't justify putting someone else in.