The Iowa Writers Workshop is a great place to spend lots of money learning how to write short fiction about people who go to Iowa to learn how to write fiction about people who go to school in Iowa. 

Institutionalized art always breeds a similar set of results, if only technical. It's not the same as an art movement, in which a community shares a set of common values which inevitably cause certain themes to recure in different people's work. When money is involved, however, there usually comes a time when certain kinds of works are deemed unacceptable because members of staff know that they can't keep their jobs if they represent artists whose values run counter to the establishment. 

I'm simply using the Iowa Writer's Workshop as a symbol for something that can potentially happen to any of your artistic endeavors. I'm not saying that you can't learn from these programs and that no one should teach you. I'm saying that you'll burn a lot of money to have people tell you what not to do. 

The internet is a great resource to find groups who will help you hone your craft for free.