Rigged Voting

 A recent BBC article:

'The FBI has found evidence that hackers have breached state-based electoral databases in Illinois and Arizona. It issued a warning to US election officials to upgrade their security protocols and be vigilant against future cyber-attacks.

'Although it would be extremely difficult for a hostile actor to surreptitiously alter the outcome of a US presidential election, even a handful of questionable results in key precincts could be enough to cast the entire election results in doubt.

'Hillary's fear: Given the patchwork nature of US electoral systems, each managed by state and local officials, ensuring airtight security is nearly impossible. Against a determined foe, there may be no way to prevent an electoral doomsday scenario that turns a clear-cut Clinton victory into a legal morass. That's not just a Clinton nightmare scenario, it's a national one.'

The electorate is a feel-good system.

It is a simulacra, not of communal decision-making, but of brief historical moments when sentiment and the mania of public demagoguery held sway over situations that were not addressed in full until they reached a point of public crisis. The worry that it can't be reliably managed on a local level implies that it, of course, shouldn't be managed on a local level. The fact that a large, centralized democratic system could be compromised through either clumsiness or a direct breach goes to show how far our culture has at least seen through it, if it hasn't outgrown it altogether.