Comical Types #3

A social media satirist. He baits people into his domain, and only then does he launch his attack. He draws up types which correspond to his ideological enemies, (but makes sure that they are within reach, that is, online at the same time as him). He pours out his vituperation on friends of friends first, and if he has accumulated enough new like-minded friends, he attacks non like-minded friends. He draws you in without naming you, so that you might identify yourself as a source of his personal satire on his own platform, where his friends have been drawn and we quartered; a sufficient army to help his confidence and its accompanied resentment. He might smile at you in public, open doors for you at campus, but all the while does he collect ammunition, and it is only through firing off rounds that he will reveal what he considers virtue. His virtue is always at the expense of another's virtue and that expense is the refuse of bitterness which doesn't allow itself the decent shame of tears.