Passages #45

The biggest problem I have with nationalism is that most of its proponents fail to separate the statist nature of nationalism from the idea of promoting healthy existence of race and culture. Personally, the issue of blood and “civilization” is very far below the list of my priorities when compared to the need for freedom, privacy, autonomy, and so on. But not only do disturbing number of nationalists and “patriots” overlook these needs, but many seem willing to sacrifice them as part of their flag-worshiping ritual.

One only needs to observe how gladly the people consent to the government’s shift towards a total police state in the name of security against BLM riots and terrorism. But this sort of acquiescence to state control must be rejected. I don’t think it’s radical or impossible to preserve your political, cultural, and racial identity without maintaining a nation. In fact, it could probably be done more effectively without government interference. - 8 Common Misunderstandings About Anarchism | Attack the System