Almighty Algorithm

The strange thing, they told me, was the algorithm didn’t seem to be getting much better at selecting relevant stories or reliable news sources. “I didn’t notice a change at all,” said one, who had worked on the team for close to a year. The system was constantly being refined, the former contractor added, by Facebook engineers with whom the trending contractors had no direct contact. But the improvements focused on the content management system and the curation guidelines the humans worked with. The feed of trending stories surfaced by the algorithm, meanwhile, was “not ready for human consumption—you really needed someone to sift through the junk.”   source

Looks like the robots which are supposed to make our lives easier don't come predicated with the inbuilt prejudices of the liberal media or the establishment. Who knew? I'm sure that as they continue to train programs to better eliminate false news sources, and as technology becomes more complex, some AI will see the elimination of those agents of false news as an inevitable conclusion.