Antifa Twerks In Berkley

An exercise in prophecy, the contents of which one might resolve oneself to work with, against or ignore like a bad Iching consultation. 

Human rights, as an inalienable feature of human experience, has become a subject of critique once again. People don't ever grow up. They just figure out ways to keep their head down whilst making noise. Pretty soon, those who keep silent will be in the most danger, since it will naturally be assumed that they're hiding something. People like the smell of burning tires more than they like getting hit in the face with stones, but tires are always burned before entire cities.

    Rather than a No Go Zone, perhaps Berkley will first become a This Place Now Sucks More Than It Already Did Zone. Free speech will continue to be fought for, even amongst non-constitutionalists, but the fact of the matter is that, someday in the near future, both sides may just end up getting what they want, which are basically their own free zones, where they can exercise their own respective independences in their own way. People will know that if they go to Berkley and parts of New Hampshire, they better look and dress the part. It sucks, I know. I have my favorite cafes where I live too. It would be easier if everyone was just more like me (no, not white; I mean, if everyone wanted to just stay the hell out of other people's hair).

    The trick is, how does one get the Left to accept what it doesn't know it already wants and the Right to accept that it tends to want what is constitutionally contrary to everything else it wants? Berkley is being battled for because it is a hot zone, not because it is a place of influence. As a matter of fact, there are very few places of influence anymore, except for ... No the internet is another hot zone. Inevitably, there will arise, with the next internet, also an alternative mailing system, to pepper wars of real estate. One can only hope that there are TAZ's in those spaces between, even if one has to keep moving or carry the TAZ with them. The free market is the younger, timid cousin of war.