Anne Coulter Is My Favorite Simpsons Character

The Right's activism was, unfortunately and for too long, comprised almost entirely of self defense from maniacs. Everything Antifa throws or sprays or jabs at Berkeley will be countered with some reflective agent and a maming agent, which will certainly escalate every conflict.

      The danger is that with such a passive form of activism as simply speaking freely in a public place, someone's well being will inevitably be a casualty, about which one doesn't have the luxury to say, 'Well, what do they expect?' as they do when a violent mob gets tear-gassed by swat teams. It will be a while yet before people declare Berkley a No Go Zone, as any apprehension toward visiting it will be viewed as cowardice. The problem with No Go Zones is that they only grow until they consume an entire district and country. Someone would have to start pushing back. It reeks like civil war.

      And yet, people are developing clever ways to push back. People have been thoroughly investigating Antifa's money and recruiting, which will hopefully deligitemize them on no grounds other than raw truth.