Book Note: Persuasion and Rhetoric by Carlo Michelstaedter #23

It is like saying that in the eye of a man facing a panorama the whole scene lives again in all its detail, but just as in the retina what lives clearly is only the point that, `each time eventually,' is in focus, all the rest being uncertain because the eye sees it without seeing it but certum habet, `has certitude,' only about what it has seen, so, I believe, the man who glanced into the mind of the average man would find there a truly strange and deformed image of the world and of men and himself: 

This focus on immediacy takes away somewhat from his whole thesis. Those who choose the path of rhetoric also opt for a level of immediacy; only in their case, it is purchased through those who follow the path of persuasion. It comes down to preferred time management, the strength of those whose bodies are not atrophied by lack of use the currency.