Featured in The Burning Block Issue 4

The coward's bravest act, that is, his willingness to admit his cowardice, is often resented more than his cowardice.

Goethe put his hope ‘in nothing,' but this ‘nothing' is active. It is the pool into which ‘something' ever wades and realizes itself.

Only individuals can have enemies. Nations have disaffected customers.

One thinks he has changed another. He fails to see that it is not he who performed the change, but something lying beyond that other's vanishing point.

The greatest mistake a musician can make is to stop playing. Even after the instrument is set down, one must arrange the notes of the soul.

Putting the word ‘free' in front of a noun only enslaves it.

That religion is best which causes one's sufficiency to absorb one's deficiency.

One shouldn't search in literature for what one can get from life.

He seeks not simply to create something in order to put it into the world, but in order to set a whole series of self-perpetuating activities in motion.

Being all things to all men, he benefits from them. However, he lets others rest more comfortably inside their prejudices.

This statesman seems grandfatherly. This one reminds us of the counter-culture of the 1960's. This one carries some seed of a projection onto which we can water, if not the actuality of some perennial truth from long ago, then a predecessor to some sufficient host of a long lost way of life. The march forward into the future requires songs of the past.

One escapes the reedy banks of one myth by building one's own raft to cross the river. This is not to say that he will not be trapped in the reeds on the other side.

The innocence of a child's question on an adult matter is perfectly counterpointed by the shame in the adult's explanation. These opposing temperatures crash into the center, where there is created (or where that exists by which they are created) the banality of the essentially unnecessary.

The optimist, the indifferent man and the pessimist: He is the same man at different stages of his life. However, if one passes him at any given stage on the road, one avoids him.

How disappointed we are with thinkers of the past three hundred years when science proves the assumptions of people more ancient!

To name every bullet before it is fired and envision the path that each and every one will take, knowing from where each one comes and to where each one will go: if only we could achieve such precision with our thoughts.

Wordplay is the creation of conscious typos; intentional Freudian slips which hide more taste than they approximate content.