Passages #38

'Capitalism relies on the continuing commodification of non-capitalist structures and economies, the surplus labour provided by non-marketised populations and the ability to offload costs onto the state and the taxpayer. G.A. Cohen recognised that in a capitalist market society, the ability for exit is significantly constrained as capitalism itself is always expanding and encompassing non-capitalist relations. Socialism also relies on an ever-increasing expansion of power so as to encompass new populations into the levels of under and overproduction inherent to centralised mass-production planning.
For these ideologies, the world is mouldable to their axiomatic understandings of a politico-economic society. Thus in seeing the world today, dominated as it is by mostly capitalist and neoliberal regimes with a handful of nominally socialist countries, we see a significant opposition to the decentralisation and disaggregation of power in nearly all of them. In the most hegemonic of these regimes this is acutely true. For those who want to see genuine change away from these hegemonic ideologies, there is very little point in engaging with their false debates. Fundamentally, both accumulate and centralise power into fewer and fewer hands. Whether you be an anarchist, libertarian, traditionalist, radical, reactionary, etc. there is little point in seeing oneself as a socialist or capitalist.'  source