How To Get the Left To Admit What It Actually Wants To Itself

If the dissident Right has a blind spot right now, it's in their antinomian streak. They're like Satanists having fun scandalizing Christian Reaganites, all the while requiring a direct inversion of their language to do so. While they've certainly liberated themselves from having to backpedal all the time whenever someone calls them racists or elitists, they still express shock and outrage whenever a Bill Nye says 'climate change deniers' should be arrested. They still shout themselves blue in the face about the fundamental hypocrisy of Antifa.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter, because in Leftist world, people would get arrested for those things. The mob really would rule, and that's exactly how they want it.

The weekly terrorist attacks we've been experiencing have rightly caused the western world concern, but the Right has been focusing all of their attention in the wrong direction. The truth is, it's not just radical Islam and the west that are incompatible. Left and Right in America are not even compatible.

The problem is that the globalists have tapped into the culty, utopian zeitgeist of far Leftism which favors internationalism, which is to say, universalism. Anything that doesn't fall under that umbrella can be crushed by the state with the endorsement of the western status quo.

I say, let the Right speak the language of the Left. Agree with them when they say people who aren't like them should be killed and arrested, and as a logical next step, suggest that they repatriate to a place that already does that or something close to that. Just tell them it would be best for their commune and let them sort it out. Tell them to stop relying on the state for the end of capitalism. They can go straight to the desert to start their own communes, where they will have only each other to scapegoat. I don't have much hope that they will stop seeing the globalists as parental figures who will eternally support them, but one can at least provide them with an excuse to be activists and go their own way.

All groups act in self interest. The most mistaken ones just project their desires onto the rest of the world and say 'conform or die.' This mentality can only be fractured by emphasizing the concept of free association. This will manifest in different forms of vocabulary with different groups, but the point is to keep people who want to be aggressive out of the domain of those who don't want to initiate aggression.

It's not utopian, this idea. It's merely a pragmatic means to shrug off differences. It would be all the better if this could go smoothly, but the truth of the matter is, a civil war has already begun. The important thing to do is enenciate those features of globalism that no one can rely on. Only then will incompatible ways of life come anywhere near compromise and go their separate ways.