Reach For Equilibrium

It's pointless to hope for a better future. The future will be good. The future will be bad. In fact, the future will go on forever. It is up to you to decide which pole you want to gravitate toward. On one pole, actions go in mindless circles. On the other, actions complete. One is a trap, the other is free. Both manifest themselves in endless ways. Sometimes, one way appears to be such but is really a form of the other. Realize that nothing is permanent. That which seems like it will remain is only a pattern which will break down and dissolve in the membrane of another pattern, which has been appropriating smaller patterns all along to create itself. Things will not always be easy, but sometimes they will be fulfilling. A point of equalibrium may be reached, but there's no telling when it's coming, just as there's no telling when dissolution will occur. It is up to you to internalize equilibrium itself, so that the outer equilibrium will be both your destination and your home.