Occult Politics I

That which announces itself outright is the excreta of that which is not announced. It is hidden by that very announcement. The theater of history is plagued as much by the lust of event as it is by the open interpretation of parties which most benefit from being either benefactors of enunciated events or victims.

The formula goes, that which conceals announces, and that which announces conceals. There are points of convergence, but one would not be entirely on the right track to go looking for what is hidden. It is like a man hoping to dig himself out of a hole. Eventually he buries the truth, if there ever was one final truth.

Politics, by its very nature, is the personal formalization of impersonal forces-so many harnesses for so many uncontainable winds.


Culture itself is a form of censorship. Consensus is the passive elimination of those who act or profess to act against culture. Those political forces which seek primarily to perform great leveling acts, great acts of expressionistic and economic neutralization, turn passivity into the unenunciated status quo, above which if anyone rises to quickly, they will certainly be cut down. These forces seek the same manner of violence toward dissention but without the vehicle of culture. The axis of power is then active, dissenters and traitors being the passive bodies swallowed up in the act of self-defining violence, rather than hierarchical forms, which swallow up mover and moved into a chain of being which compliment one another. The forces of leveling, however, announce a hierarchical chain of cause and effect by their very acts of neutralization.


The current political climate has reached a point at which people will support a leader's ulterior motives if they figure that it is to the benefit of the greater good. After Donald Trump ordered a missile strike against Assad in Syria, his supporters were split between those who disapproved and those who approved with conscious irony, trusting fully the illegality of the act, which is to say, the judgment of the man himself. Some posited that the bombing was meant as a gesture to warn Assad's allies, or perhaps to make other countries aware of America's power, or to set up conditions for any number of other strategic moves. The point, in any event, is that it is supposed that the hidden was hidden deliberately, in order to be revealed.