Singularity and Shame

We have transferred our shame of our own atrophy in the face of work for a sense of shame for work itself, for we do not see the degree to which work atrophies our lives when it is concerned with so much phenomena so far outside the realm of our immediate experience. With major advances in technology, Marxism is now considered a relic whose variable hooks are revealed in their utter impotence, much like virtue for its own sake, divorced from all context. The conservative who works hard to provide for his family ends up being no different than the communist worker who considers it his duty to perpetuate the engine of the world. There are those who wait in hope, collecting debt and getting fat, that a technological singularity will cancel the fruits of their complacency, invert the Oedipality of their slumber and reward them beyond rewards for little more than a trust that progress ascends rather than swells. The worker, detestable as a disgrace to the benevolence of this ever-loving, emotionless digital mother that is technological singularity-a symbol of love perfected, reflecting desire mindlessly back onto an un-giving, atrophied, self-declared beloved-will be the ultimate scapegoat; the one who announces the atrophy of the world. No Christ or Socrates will compare to the man who lifts a finger to move what he sees it within his own strength to move. Movement, having become as taboo an activity as incest, will force those who do so into the realm of a promethean ‘other' to rival their mindless provider. The mover alone is the great traitor to the holy stasis of eternal provision. He reveals not only atrophy, but existence itself, as existence is constituted continually in the differentiation of abrasion, birth, hunting, trade, culture, art, warfare, love, loss, salvation, death, hatred, fire and passion. The atrophied seek a heaven on earth, forgetting that the true heaven has only ever been a euphemism for something indescribable, beyond which we can understand in a vulgar, present form. Rather, the heaven they want is in fact here on earth, they will be surprised to learn; to be lived out vicariously through the lives of those unentrapped by eternal provision-those whose lives they must witness to replace their own, since there is no longer any life in them.