Personal Responsibility and Scapegoatism

'There’s a reason you don’t see Black folks as the primary suspects committing domestic terrorism: Black people have too many people relying on us and too much to lose to do the shit that white domestic terrorists do. Alternatively, when we consider our own histories we simultaneously have nothing to lose. Seriously, white folks need to talk to their people about this shit. The steadily increasing rate of white domestic terrorism should not just be frightening for those of us who have historically been marginalized, it should scare white folks as well. A state of fear or anger is not enough, but sometimes it can push us toward taking necessary action, and action can take many forms. We won’t get anywhere if we keep coddling white feelings.'

The term 'white people,' in this case, is nothing more than a siren. There's absolutely no evidence to suggest 'white people' represent a community or a unit which can be identified by one steady pattern of behavior. Even if that were the case, it's patently absurd to suggest that humans from one group, even after the criminals who committed actual crimes have been punished through the full extent of the law, should be responsible for ensuring everyone else that actions will be taken to punish the rest of the group for the sins of the few.

This is scapegoatism at its worst. We all knew the media wasn't going to let go of the Max-train knife weilder a few weeks back, even though he's been detained. The community wants an epidemic, and will continue to look for and eliminate anyone who fits the likely profile which will, for the moment, satiate their bloodlust whilst offering them a chance to project onto their neighbors whatever new phantom of the week has obsessed them and driven them into a deranged frenzy.

The article is also a perfect inversion of the narrative one hears incessantly every time there's a terrorist attack involving radical Muslims: 'Nothing happened. Don't feed them with fear. The best thing to do is live life like you were before, otherwise they win.'

The message here is, white feelings don't matter. Action must be taken.

Pray tell, what action should be taken when the suspects in a crime have already been detained, and in some cases, killed by the police, or in other cases, such as the Colombine massacre mentioned later in the article, killed themselves? The only action left is to chase ghosts to the ends of the earth like the Soviets and the Nazis. It's the oldest story in the book.

Who is such an article meant for? It at once proclaims that 'White people need to talk about this shit' while saying a moment later, 'We don't get anywhere if we keep coddling white feelings.' At least he is willing to admit that someone's feelings don't matter. He just didn't take it far enough: no one's feelings matter to anyone else, nor can they unless they are moved naturally to sympathy. Sympathy is not an institution, nor is coddling a program of suppression. There is no evidence to suggest that one race has 'more people relying on them' than another.

The writer of the article should feel encouraged that some universities already have confession booths for white sins.

What do the KKK and other militant white groups mentioned later in this article have in common with people who are constantly looking for white apology? They both operate under the moronic premise that 'white' is a distinction which means anything more than skin color. Is it a matter of shade? What about Italians and Greeks who are, on whole, often far darker? It doesn't matter.

We've lost personal responsibility and personal accountability. This is ultimately what you lose in representative politics. It trains people to think that other people are responsible for their well being, and also, that enemies can always be represented by deeper, ideological enemies.

Ideology is dangerous; not just specific ideologies. It creates a structure in which everything is assigned a category. Those who step out of the convenient framework are often killed, and those who are in the unfortunate position to be assigned the role of metaphysical enemy are often eventually killed as well, as in Hitler's final solution.

Forget the 'war of ideas' people are constantly declaring as an in-road to promote they're own ideas. We need, rather, a war of pragmatism against all forms of neurotic, violent projection and delusion. Pragmatism starts when one recognizes and takes personal responsibility for their actions, and then looks at the world in terms of forces which are all free agents, just as responsible for their own course as you are for yours.