The West Doesn't Need To Be the Best

What does the west's quality do for us if it can't defend itself? YouTube, blogs and podcasts are being flooded with proclaimations of the west's greatness, hyper-extending the accomplishments of history, as if to muscle-arm what was best about this hemisphere back into action at a moment we so desperately need it.

France has made it clear that it cares more about its image than its citizens. The 20th century has shown how little they fight back in war. England doesn't seem to be lifting prohibition on arms anytime soon. Until the day they can all arm themselves, which would require black market maneuvering on a massive scale, they will only be the victims of whoever wants what they have next, whether that is someone who claims to represent the people or not. America, already in the position, for the most part, of keeping the government off it's back about weapons, does itself a great disservice when it starts making appeals to the state about the second amendment whenever there is a question of banning weapons. Our leaders laugh at the constitution, happy that their citizens would only take it so far as the authority of a piece of paper. They have pieces of paper too. They have endless reams of it they're eager to fill, faithful in the complacency of their citizens, knowing no one will read any of it. The people have given up when they site the constitution. They try to win a gun fight with their own impotence. They forget that weapons ARE the constitution; that there is no agreement where there is not a willingness amongst the people to defend that which should be agreed upon.

If the west is not willing to defend itself, it will end. Culture moves beyond borders and business transactions. One only thinks one culture is best because it benefits that one most. The quality of the west is not going to win people over who do not want that quality. Things that have a high quality and are worth their returns must be dealt with very seriously. Those who are not serious about what is most valuable will complain that valuable things don't exist, and go on expecting someone else to create it or make it for them.

The west is what got us to where we are. People are not saving western civilization. They're saving an idea of what they want. But the one with the idea needs to be able to handle aggression when opposition or robbery come in, or do whatever it takes to see the best idea realized. Cultures are not businesses to be loaned money for a while until they take off. Culture features into life and history pretty late, and is party to the appropriations of so many other cultures before it. One must carry what one wants into the future from the past, but be willing to break vigorously with that which doesn't ever work. The west doesn't need to be the best. It needs to strive to always better itself, and get better at defending itself.