Creating Nothing Out Of Something

We have believed, for a long time, that value is unilateral. Rather than looking at the world as a set of ever contingent phenomena activated by a distant ground and agency, we see the world as the empty shell in whose vacancy God used to rest, love used to rest, progress used to rest. We overextend our concern for some false monad in the world, like 'Man' and when that proves to be a feeble distinction, in our disappointed and impossibly high expectations, say, 'to hell with it, why shouldn't the human race die out?' Also, whoever isn't acting in a humane way is excluded from the privileges that come with being part of 'humanity.'

The same idea can be applied to family and marriage, as in one writer's diatribe against weddings, marriage itself, and finally, all of humanity.

'Show up drunk and just kind of blend in. If you can leave early, go for it. You can always tell them you had a bad clam somewhere, no one will follow that up in search of more info. Some day when we’ve found the cure for harmful emotions like love and compassion we will all live happier, alone and well-fucked by some kind of thing you plug into your computer or phone. Let’s stop pretending that humanity deserves to last forever. It’s not you, it’s everyone. Everything is terrible and we all keep making the same mistakes expecting different results. You know what they call that? Life.'

This is the position one arrives at when the beautiful mask falls away too abruptly. Because something has absolutely no value in and of itself, it is considered repugnant, vacant, limiting. But how many things actually have value in and of themselves? Everything only has value in correlation to something else.

Of course it's not a rule that one must marry or have children. But it will continue your family line and give you people to stand beside you when you're ready to breathe your last. No pleasure-pumping machine will do this for you. No machine will convince you that you're better off letting the millions of years leading up to you end with you watching Netflix and porn. No species deserves or doesn't deserve to live. Everything simply is. Those who want to create being out of an empty concept, like 'mankind' and then desparage everyone for not living up to it can go their own way, resentful toward figments of their imaginations. The rest of us would rather create, whether that's other people, or something beautiful to put in the world, or a new concept of how to live.