Why 1960's Counterculture Was Wrong About Family Values

With the help of some renegades and Marxists who ever latched onto the young like hormone-hungry parasites, along with the high volume of youths and messy sentiment filling the air, the Sexual Revolution of the 1960's took full swing and captured the imagination of a whole generation while destroying just enough lives along the way to appear edgy by today's standards. Young people were questioning modernism by simply patenting it, thus creating postmodernism. What was once a dour gaze into the abyss turned into a potlatch of self annihilation as people went from questioning reality to absolutely disregarding it. One couldn't help but notice the rockstar übermenschen everywhere, leaving their children and women behind to find some meaning at a festival, or to assert their own freedom in the face of all gravity.

The absolute zero of signification had been reached once value was separated from meaning and the two were considered incongruous mates; the gulf between law and language.

The patriarchy was deemed an illegitimate power structure, operating on what was believed to be a series of false propositions. The family was considered a mechanism by which human interface could be dictated for the sake of transpersonal needs.

Postmodern theory is often grossly misunderstood given its tendency to oscillate between violent seduction and not so ostensible degrees of nuance. When in reality it represents a general neurosis of semantic anxiety, young people often mistake the great degree of stimulation which comes with this anxiety for the kind of high one gets when trully encountering a moment of what is called in some religions 'enlightenment' or 'gnosis.' They liberate themselves by blowing up the outside, to use an image from the lyrics of the late Chris Cornell. Freedom becomes a negation of all responsibility, all truth and all moral correlation; not to mention an excuse to create terrible art that people are too afraid to say sucks. It is often compared to psychological masturbation, but it could be more accurately compared to auto-erotic asphyxia, but one which strangely attracts others to do the same. Better yet, it is like a virus which breaks down the immune system of every structure it touches, but burrying its own mechanics in a fog of confusion.

Its missionary zest to spread skepticism concerning the nature of responsibility led to people losing any regard for the means by which responsibility is created in the first place. Without responsibility, cause and effect do not matter anymore, since the impetus to clomplete an action in accordance with any design greater than personal volition is viewed with suspicion. Thus, the consensus of personal volition becomes the mode by which anything is standardized, regardless of whether or not that consensus represents the most efficient or least complicated solution to a problem. Postmodernism is the vacuum into which all desire is sucked.

In postmodernism, the family is devalued as an oppressive system of control. Given the artificial and strictly emotional freedom postmodernism represents, it is often a means by which people can be easily seduced by the state, thus falling into a bigger power structure. People who lack the fundamental family unit, due to neurotic inpersonability, often prefer a bigger, more distant family they can get free stuff from without having to show any kind of commitment or love. They fall for every worm on every hook: socialism, welfare, democracy, free college tuition, all the while distracted from the coercive standardization fracturing families who just want to be left to their own devices.

The 1960's counter culture is protracted orphanhood. It is the Stockholm Syndrome of the past few generations and their insistence on eliminating natural conflicts in favor of self-destructive pleasures.

No family is perfect, but it is the best, most evolved and most consistent form of organization any living group of animals have ever divined. Through it, one learns how to be loyal despite short term emotions and how to gradually create better and better time-preference.

People who create better and better time preference are going to build the world around what works organically; in other words,  what works toward greater privacy and greater freedom. Also, you have more and more people to celebrate life with the closer you reach death. You also have more and more people who are willing to carry a legacy and a vision that are bigger than all of you.

Bring back family crests. Bring back family traditions. Liberation is worth nothing if one doesn't have love.